For New BMCDataDirect Users

Getting Started:

Welcome to BMCDataDirect. We believe you'll find that the system is easy to use and will enable you to quickly access the information you need. Here is some information you'll need to get started:

A Timesaving Tip:

In future research sessions, you can access BMCDataDirect directly from your desktop. Just click below and an icon (a tiny Beverage Marketing logo) will automatically download to your desktop. This icon is a shortcut that will take you directly to the BMCDataDirect log on page. Simply double click on the icon and your internet browser will open and take you directly to the log on screen. You can install the same shortcut on the desktop of your laptop or home computer for quick system access at home or on the road. Click here to download your quick access desktop icon. In case the main site is inaccessible a backup site is available at Click here to download your quick access desktop icon for the backup site.

System Requirements:

  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or Netscape 6.01
  • Adobe Reader + Advanced Search Plug-Ins
  • WinZip (MAC Users Only)

    If you need the software listed above, you will have the opportunity to download it as soon as you log in and are taken to your personal Welcome page.

    Microsoft Word - While the basic system will function without Word, a second version of each report is included in Microsoft Word to make it easier to cut and paste data. You will need Microsoft Word in order to perform that function.

Logging on

Simply input your user name and password and you will see a welcome page listing the Beverage Marketing Reports you have been authorized to view.

Frequently Asked Questions (you can view this now or access it from within the system)

Click here for quick answers to some frequently asked questions

User Manual (you can view this now or access it from within the system)

Click here to download a detailed BMCDataDirect User Manual.



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